In honor of Professor YANG Chen Ning, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Tsinghua University (Tsinghua) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will collaborate in establishing and coordinating the joint CN Yang Archives to show the unparalleled and outstanding contributions made by Professor YANG. The archives serve as a unique resource for studying Professor YANG’s extraordinary work and his times. The archive collections include, among other items, his certificates and medals, academic publications, manuscripts, notes, personal and professional correspondences, documents, media materials, photographs, voice recordings, videos, and interview records.

Message from Professor Qiu Yong

President of Tsinghua University

Professor YANG Chen Ning was one of the first Chinese to receive the Nobel Prize. He has been pushing forward the development of science and society in China and has been working tirelessly to inspire young people in the world of education. He has helped Tsinghua University to inaugurate the Institute for Advanced Study to achieve academic excellence in scientific research in China. We are glad that Professor YANG donated his books, manuscripts, letters, videos and artifacts in his office to Tsinghua University in 2021. Furthermore, we are excited to partner with CUHK to create archives to jointly conserve the works of Professor YANG.

Message from Professor Rocky S Tuan

Vice-Chancellor and President of

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor YANG Chen Ning is an eminent scientist. He won the most prestige Nobel Prize in Physics at the young age of 35 for the discovery of non-conservation of parity in weak interactions. His generosity as an academic is evident throughout his career, and most vividly for us through his long association with CUHK. He has been committed to advancing the scientific community through research and innovations, and nurturing generations of outstanding scientists. In 1999, Professor YANG generously donated 22,000 precious academic and personal items, leading to the establishment of the CN Yang Archive at CUHK. In honor of the 100th birthday of Professor YANG, we are delighted to work with Tsinghua University to share our archive collections and better preserve the exemplary work of Professor YANG.

Professor YANG and Professor TD LEE proposed the non-conservation of parity in weak interactions in 1956, bringing them the esteemed Nobel Prize.

Professor YANG’s Nobel Prize Medal and Certificate, awarded in 1957.

Professor YANG was bestowed the President’s National Medal of Science in the US in 1986 for his path-breaking research in theoretical physics.

Professor YANG was awarded the King Faisal International Prize in 2001 in recognition of his theoretical framework which was later developed to become the basis of the present theory of the structure of matter at the smallest scales and highest energies.